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First grant made as part of Education in Exile

The Education in Exile campaign

An astonishing 30 million children are currently living in exile, having had to flee their homes due to armed conflicts, widespread violence, or as victims of natural disasters. Following the perilous journey, where many are separated from their loved ones and left without the care and protection they need, they are at risk of abuse, exploitation and recruitment into armed groups.

Whilst many international aid agencies are on the ground providing emergency help in the form of food and shelter, access to education remains worryingly underfunded. Education contributes to long-term solutions for refugees, ensuring that displaced generations are equipped to rebuild their lives and communities – either in their country of sanctuary or on their return home. Educational activities can also provide children with developmental and therapeutic support amidst the difficulties of living in temporary settlements like refugee camps.

Trust in Children wholly supports the United Nation’s urgent call for access to education to be prioritised for displaced children. Our focus for 2016 will be to offer support to grass roots organisations and other charities that are already established in the provision of education to this vulnerable group of children. We therefore invite funding applications for work in this area, wherever in the world it’s taking place.

“In the devastating context of global conflict and displacement, education gives hope to refugee children and youth to envision and build a secure future” – Antonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.