Joana’s letter

Joana lives with her grandfather since her mother died when she was six. Losing his wife to cancer, her father sunk into depression and neglected his three children who learned at an early age to fend for themselves. Struggling to survive with the 150 pesos (£2.20) a day he earned working as a farmhand, her grandfather could hardly afford to send Joana to school. But they carried on because Joana and her grandfather have a dream – of a good education for Joana so they can have a better life in the future. Through CCPEPI, Joana is able to continue her studies and is graduating from high school this April. She wants to become a teacher.


To TiC

I am Joana. One of the recipients of CCPEPI. I am very much thankful for them helping me in my education. I am doing my best to finish my studies so I can help my family in the future and to have a decent life. I live in my grandfather’s house. My father is a tricycle driver and he is earning one hundred pesos a day. I have two siblings.

We are hoping for your continuous support to less fortunate children like us who wish to finish studies. Without your help it would be impossible for us to acquire proper education.

Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Respectfully yours, Joana