Education in Exile – MECI

We’re pleased to have made the first grant as part of our Education in Exile campaign.

Trust in Children has granted £1,292 to the Middle East Children’s Institute to support education for Syrian refugee children in Northern Jordan. Our grant will cover the cost of teacher training in one of the 20 schools that are part of MECI’s Informal and Remedial Education programme in Jordan.

MECI works in partnership with UNICEF, and every $1 contributed by MECI is matched by $9 from UNICEF, meaning a small grant like TiC’s can have a greater impact.

MECI’s approach aims to serve students as whole people, acknowledging the difficulties they’ve endured and preparing them for opportunities ahead.

The goals of the Informal and Remedial Education programme are to:

  • Create a space for relationship building and increased social cohesion between Syrian and Jordanian children and parents – 30% of program participants are Jordanian
  • Equip out-of-school Syrian refugee children with informal education in Arabic, English and math to catch them up on years lost
  • Provide children with a supportive community of teachers, counselors and peers, as well as a variety of activities geared towards psychosocial healing – counseling, art, music, and sports
  • Offer remedial support to vulnerable Jordanian children in Arabic, English and math as well as psychosocial healing activities
  • Transition out-of-school Syrian refugee children into the formal school system once they are caught up to an academic level commensurate with their peers


MECI teacher training - participantsMECI has successfully delivered teacher training supported by TiC’s grant. Local principals, teachers, counsellors and social worked benefitted, including:

75  trained on child protection related issues

84  trained on education related topics

53 trained on life skills and civic engagement related topics



MECI - teacher training - instructor and group

You can read the stories of the many Syrian children MECI has helped to engage in school and grow in confidence on their Facebook page.