Piura Project: scope

The purpose of our grant:

To enable attendance at school by children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford to send them to school, by making a grant via a local volunteer to cover the costs associated with school. These children have been identified by a TiC volunteer who has visited Piura and got to know local families. New children will not be supported unless actively identified by a TiC volunteer at a time when new funds have been confirmed to be available.


Within the scope of the Piura project

  • Paying for matriculation and school equipment for each child we have committed to support
  • Re-assessing the amount granted each year in light of changing prices
  • Reviewing how many children we can afford to support each year, in time to approve a grant for the following year’s costs
  • Engaging a volunteer to liaise with families and teachers around the child to ensure the correct amount of money is spent in the right way
  • Once TiC has started to support a child’s attendance at school, it is likely that we will continue to do so, assuming the child’s attendance at school continues to be satisfactory and we can be sure the money is being spent appropriately

Outside the scope of the Piura project

  • Offering this type of support to every child in a similar situation
  • Funding a child’s education beyond high school
  • Automatically funding siblings or other relatives of a child to attend school
  • Making a general donation for the child, family or school to spend in any way they see fit
  • Extending our support to new children unless currently supported children leave school / graduate and no longer need Trust in Children’s support

October 2014