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2016 campaign: Education in Exile

Trust in Children has decided to respond to the urgent need of displaced children around the world by choosing a new grant-making priority for 2016: supporting grass roots organisations and other charities who are working to deliver education to refugee children.

We hope our members and donors will support us in this urgent response to the critical global situation.

An astonishing 30 million children are currently living in exile, having been forced to flee their homes because of armed conflicts, widespread violence, or as victims of natural disasters. Following the perilous journey, where many are separated from their friends and family and left without the care and protection they need, children are at risk of abuse, exploitation and recruitment into armed groups.

Whilst many international aid agencies are on the ground providing emergency support in the form of food and shelter, access to education remains worryingly underfunded. Education contributes to long-term solutions for refugees, ensuring that displaced generations are equipped to rebuild their lives and communities – either in their country of sanctuary or upon their return home.

Trust in children wholly supports the United Nations’ urgent call for access to education to be prioritised for displaced children. Trustees have therefore decided to invite all our stakeholders to contribute to our Education in Exile campaign for 2016.

How can you help?

Working in the field?
If you’re running a project to deliver education to displaced children – for example organising volunteer teachers to run classes in a refugee camp – we invite you to apply for a grant. The deadline was Friday 18th March but we continue to welcome applications until further notice. More information on applying for a grant is here.

Member of Trust in Children?
If you’re already a TiC member and know of a project delivering education for displaced children, we would love to hear from you. Our Pick Up A Piece scheme is a way for our members to influence where their money goes. If you suggest an existing initiative that fits our current grant focus, we’ll give it equal consideration along with all other current applications for grants.

Not a member? 
Become a member and hear more from Trust in Children, get the opportunity to suggest where grants should be made to connect children to chances, and have your say on how Trust in Children works.

Quick and easy – to make a one off contribution that will go directly to education for displaced children this year, just use the button on the left to make a donation.