vision, mission and role

visionSchool Children at Favour Preparatory Nursery School

Trust in Children’s vision is a world where every child perceives and values its own potential and is enabled to realise this to the fullest.

Trust in Children aims to work particularly with children whose standards of living, education and opportunities are considered to be low by the charity.


Trust in Children’s mission is to empower young people by creating safe, reliable and open environments for them to realise their potential.This will be done by providing resources for children whose opportunities and sense of self worth are limited by financial, social or political restraints.

The charity will always strive be sensitive to the cultural-bound realities of each child’s personal environment and individual circumstances.


Trust in Children’s role is to raise funds and allocate grants to help organisations which share the Trust’s vision and mission.

Trust in Children will consider applications from any organisation that shares its ideals and goals.

While the responsibility for the projects that are funded by Trust in Children will always remain with the applicant, the Trust will, where possible, provide technical and logistical support to ensure its grants are applied in the most effective way possible.