April’s letter

April lives in the squatter area by the riverbanks of Maharlika, Bulacan, where residents evacuate yearly to higher ground due to the swollen river and flooding during the typhoon season.


April wrote to Trust in Children:

Good day! I am April, 1st year high school. I have 2 siblings and I am the eldest. My father is a part time helper in a construction site, receiving 200 pesos [£2.94] a day and my mother is a plain housewife. Thank you for your continuous support to the CCPEPI in helping us to gain formal education.  We do hope that you will extend your help to this program as we do our best to finish our studies. Through your help to CCPEPI, it is possible for me to help and support my family in the future.

Thank you TiC for all the assistance!

Yours truly, April